American Paving Co. Commitment to Safety

Safety Values and Policy Statement

Consistent with our Corporate Value Statement and the belief that our strength lies in our employees, we assert that the continued health and safety of our people is paramount to the continued success of American Paving Co., (“the Company”). The Company has established a Zero Accident safety culture that will be achieved by demonstrating the safety core values of Ownership, Responsibility, and Accountability for Safety. The Company has adopted and supports this safety culture and the core values and has established specific roles and responsibilities for each of the following employee groups.

Our safety cores values begin with each and every employee.

All Employees

Our safety cores values begin with each and every employee. We all have an obligation to ourselves, our co-workers, and others who depend on us to operate in a safe and efficient manner, maintain safe and controlled jobsite, report safety hazards, and to immediately correct safety hazards we have control over.

Senior Management

Senior Management will instill and support a philosophy that work related injury and illness is not acceptable and that work related incidents are preventable. Senior Management will allocate the needed management support and resources to enable the implementation and continued success of our safety culture. This effort will include ensuring continuous and cooperative efforts to solve issues as they arise and ensuring that the resources needed for training, hazard control, safety programs and safety equipment are available to those who need them.

Project Management, Office Management and Supervisory Personnel

The success of our safety program and our ability to operate with the highest level of safety confidence rests on the shoulders of management and the supervisory personnel. These key people establish the culture, values, and priorities at the work site. Because of the position that project management holds on a worksite, effective implementation of safety values begins with them. Management is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the workplace. This responsibility incudes, but is not limited to:

  • Promoting and encouraging the core value of safety.
  • Taking an active leadership role in jobsite safety related activities.
  • Coach and mentor all employees on safe behaviors and safe operations.
  • Supporting and promoting the established safety programs.
  • Holding employees accountable for safety.

Safety Department

The Company has established a Safety Department to assist American Paving Co. The goal and mission of the Safety Department is two fold; to ensure our employees remain free of injury and illness, and to assist management personnel and supervisory personnel as well as all employees realize success in safety. This will be accomplished by providing the needed resources, expertise, and oversight.

The Safety Department responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting and encouraging the core value of safety.
  • Provide support and safety resources to the jobsites as needed.
  • Provide safety consultation and guidance to Jobsites and office locations.
  • Coach and mentor all employees on safe behaviors and safe operations.
  • Ensuring that all required safety programs are written and updated as required and that training on these programs is offered.
  • Ensuring that all safety requirements and programs are provided to the management or the employees in a manner that is clearly understood.
  • Ensuring that the resources for safety meetings and discussions are available to them as needed.
  • Provide training or arrange for training on specialized safety processes or regulations as needed.

Our chosen profession is neither free of inherent hazard nor free of risk. However, we believe that there is always a way to safely perform our work assignments. We are committed to eliminating or controlling hazards we deal with on a daily basis to ensure that our people return home safely at the end of each day.