California Veterans Home

Location: Fresno, California
Completion Date: June 2012

Clear & grub/prepare 26.2 acre site, mass grading including; 50,000 cubic yards of engineered fill, 298,600 square feet of building pad preparation, grade for 290,500 square feet of roadways and sidewalks, grade for 503, 200 square feet of landscape area, placement of 1,973 cubic yards of concrete curb/gutter/decorative ADA compliant sidewalks/paving, construction of asphalt roadways including 4,521 tons of aggregate baserock and 4,546 tons of asphalt concrete. During construction operations, 7 buildings were simultaneously being constructed, which greatly restricted our work area. At peak employment we worked around 250 on-site employees without a single recordable injury.


Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
226 Airport Parkway, Suite 150
San Jose, CA 95110-1024

Owner Contact:
Tim Briones
(408) 452-1800

Design Engineer:

KMD Architects
222 Vallejo St., Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 398-5191

American Paving Co.:

Jimmy Brager, P.M.
(559) 268-9886