Jensen Avenue Overhead Rehabilitation and Seismic Retrofit

Location: Fresno, California
Completion Date: September 2013

This project consisted of rehabilitation and seismic retrofit of an approximately 650 foot long grade separated structure over the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads as well as two city streets. The work on top of the structure included replacement of barrier rails, approach slabs, polyester concrete overlay, minor concrete improvements and asphalt concrete overlay. Work below the structure included strengthening by constructing a concrete seat extender at abutment #1, diaphragm bolsters at piers #3 through #6 and catcher blocks, and slope paving at abutment #7. All of the work below the structure was complete while working around and over nine railroad tracks which we coordinated with both BNSF and UP operations.


City of Fresno

Owner Contact:
Phil Tarvin
(559) 621-5637

Design Engineer:

Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group
986 W. Alluvial Ave., Suite 201
Fresno, CA 93711

Engineer Contact:
Todd Goolkasian
(559) 320-3200

American Paving Co.:

Jimmy Brager, P.M.